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  • LeagueBot 3.9.0


    LeagueBot 3.9.0

    + Added support for new SEA regions
    + Added account daily play handler (panel)
    + Added account priority handler (panel)
    + Added new player login reward tracking (panel)
    * Updated account creator name generator
    * Fixed paused accounts info bug (panel)
    * Improved VM resource limiter handler
    * Minor adjustments to account creator proxy scraper
    * General code cleanup and optimization
    - Removed Garena client and service handlers

    VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/595ff78f7c25eaa0c9f44458b7c5a87e8e4422d11aa6d5797db2657dbcef7ccf
    Please note that the bot exe may have a few flags due to our code protection and the fact that the bot controls your mouse and keyboard to play the game!

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