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Testing Updates & Quick Maintenance

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Testing Updates & Quick Maintenance

Hello everyone,

It has been around 1 month since Riot has implemented a new detection system against all botting software available. We are still continuously trying to look for a solution to this, we have already setup an update on creating better logic which leads to better KDA, and a different set of movement from previous version. We are still working on creating a bypass for the new detection system but we are still trying to pinpoint the variable for detection and being sure of the variable causing the bans.

Some have been pushing the idea of a VM detection which we would like to ask the LeagueBot community to let us know about their trials and errors too, whether they have had success in running LeagueBot from a single PC botting standpoint, etc.

We would like to thank you for your patience, we are still continuing our multiple tests and optimistic to be able to produce and push a bypass for the bans currently happening. A quick maintenance is also being pushed due to the new captcha Riot has implemented which we are pushing an update for the LeagueBot community such as support for CapMonster too aside from just CapSolver.

Thank you very much,
LeagueBot Staff

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