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  • LeagueBot 3.6.0


    LeagueBot 3.6.0

    + Added custom runes per champion
    + Added account location handler (panel)
    + Added push notification and webhook handlers
    + Added multi-factor authentication detection
    + Added credentials transfer (manager to VM)
    * Updated FPS limiter controls
    * Updated champion and skin data
    * Updated VM manager default config
    * Updated VM manager notification handler
    * Fixed VM manager hardware monitor calculation
    * Fixed possible VM shutdown while patching
    * Improved Riot and Garena client handlers
    * Reworked auth, config and account handlers
    * Reworked kill explorer handler (VM detection)
    * General code cleanup and optimization
    - Removed Discord related service handlers

    VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/4748b6d6fcb26cf680ae613ab217f010bd2acba24d7b39433e9e8de61589d5bd
    Please note that the bot exe may have a few flags due to our code protection and the fact that the bot controls your mouse and keyboard to play the game!

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