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  • Bot Panel
    Manage all your accounts, keep track of the leveling process,
    get detailed account information, such as blue essence, orange
    essence, champions, skin shards and games played, and much
    more with our customized and secure bot panel.

    Simple Start-Up Steps:
    1. Add/check your license key via the License(s) page
    2. Set the global and creator configurations to your liking
    3. Add your account(s) or let the creator handle this
    4. Start the bot/VM(s), sit back, relax and enjoy
    The Pro Members group and an active license are required!
    You can always access your old account data later,
    even if your previous license has expired.
    • Account Details
    • Manage Accounts
    • Online Managers
    • Active Licenses
    • Configurations
    • BotCoin Wallet
    • Champion Statistics
  • Changelog
    2.2.11 (2024-01-24)
    • Added basic account statistics
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