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  • Cloud Botting Service
    An all-in-one botting solution, powered by LeagueBot!

    • Server hosting (VMs) and bot license
    • Cloud Panel access and prioritized chat support
    • 100 captchas included per session (account login/creation)
    • Premium VPN service and 24/7 server monitoring
    • The Cloud Botters sub-group is assigned to you

    9.99 USD per server session, with a validity of 30 days.
    We offer 10% discount on all orders of 100 sessions or more.

    For orders, please contact us here: Manual Orders (minimum 10 sessions)
  • Questions and Answers (Q&A)
    How does it work?
    Really simple! This service is fully managed by us.
    You order server sessions, choose whether you want to add your
    own accounts or have them created automatically for your given region,
    sit back, relax and watch your accounts level up via our special cloud panel.
    Full customization of the bot features and leveling process is available.

    Are there any limitations?
    Yes, as this service is fully managed by us, you do not have direct access to the VMs.
    To avoid possible server overload and temporary IP rate limitations, the accounts target
    must be at least level 10, and use cases such as "loot opening" only are strictly prohibited.
    The cloud service supports all regions with the exception of VN, KR and CN regions.
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