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  • Upgrade to Pro
    Purchase a license key below with the desired amount of sessions (see Q&A).
    If you order using your community email, the license key is automatically added
    to your account, otherwise please follow the simple license activation steps below.

    Simple License Activation:
    1. Add your new license key via the Bot Panel - License(s) page
    2. The Pro Members group is automatically assigned to you
    3. Done! Your bot(s) now have access to the new session(s)

    For custom order, please fill out this form or contact us here for manual orders.
    All licenses are valid for 30 days (custom and manual orders can be extended)!
  • Questions and Answers (Q&A)
    How many sessions do I need?
    You need 1 session per active bot/running account.
    If you want to run 5 bots/VMs, you need 5 sessions, etc.

    Are sessions locked to my hardware?
    Yes, when you run the bot, the HWID of your computer/VM
    is tied to first available session as long as the bot is active.
    Sessions are automatically reset after 2 hours of inactivity,
    which means you can then move to a new computer/VM.

    Why is the final price higher than stated?
    Based on the country from which you access this site,
    additional taxes may apply to the final price at checkout.

    Order and Payment Processing
    Orders are processed through our reseller and merchant of record,
    Paddle.com, who also handle order-related inquiries and returns.

    The payment will include "NIMDASOFT" on your account statement!
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