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  • Upgrade to Pro
    Purchase a license key below with the desired amount of sessions (see Q&A).
    After successful payment processing, our automated system handles the rest.

    Automated License Activation:
    1. Your new license key is added to the Bot Panel - License(s) page
    2. The Pro Members group is assigned to you (first time purchase)
    3. Done! Your can now access the bot panel, configure and start your bot(s)

    For orders of more than 100 sessions, please contact us here: Manual Orders
    All licenses are valid for 30 days (custom and manual orders can be extended)!
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  • Questions and Answers (Q&A)
    How many sessions do I need?
    You need 1 session per active bot/running account.
    If you want to run 5 bots/VMs, you need 5 sessions, etc.
    For each session purchased, 100 captchas are included,
    which are used for account login and creation.

    Are sessions locked to my hardware?
    Yes, when you run the bot, the HWID of your computer/VM
    is tied to first available session as long as the bot is active.
    Sessions are automatically reset after 2 hours of inactivity,
    which means you can then move to a new computer/VM.

    Payment Processing
    We accept all major credit/debit cards and various cryptocurrencies.

    Depending on payment method selection, payment processing is handled
    by either Stripe for card payments or Coinbase for crypto payments.

    Card payments will include "NIMDASOFT.COM" on your account statement!
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