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  • Features

  • Free Version
    The free version is limited to the following features:

    Fully Automated Game Client Management
    Every aspect of the game client is handled by
    our system, including login, updates and queuing.

    First-Class Advanced In-Game AI Logic
    Like everything else LeagueBot-related, our AI
    is coded from scratch with functionality, stability
    and performance in mind.

    Custom Runes Per Champion
    All champions have a set of pre-customized runes
    to ensure maximum in-game performance.

    Wide Support of Game Regions
    Our system supports all regions with the exception
    of KR and CN regions.

    Completes In-Game Missions
    Regular and special in-game missions like daily
    play and awakening are all handled by LeagueBot.
  • Pro Version
    All features from the free version, plus:

    No Level or Blue Essence Limitations
    Unlike the free version, our pro version has
    no level or blue essence limitations.

    Completes New Player Tutorials
    LeagueBot can play and complete all three new
    player tutorials to benefit from different rewards.

    Opens Capsules and Disenchants Loot
    Regular and special event in-game capsules
    can automatically be opened and loot disenchanted.

    Autobuy Champions Option
    Optionally buy a total of 20 champions needed
    for ranked while leveling a smurf account.

    Private and Bot-Only Queue
    The private and bot-only queue makes it possible
    for your accounts to group and play with either
    your own accounts or others using LeagueBot.

    Built-In Account Creator
    With the built-in account creator, there is no need to
    use external tools. LeagueBot can automatically create
    new accounts for your given region as needed.
    The creator supports all regions with the exception
    of VN, KR and CN regions.

    Push Notifications and Webhook Events
    Receive notifications about various account events,
    such as target reached and in case of an account error.
    Use webhooks to automatically send account data to
    your own custom shop API and, if configured correctly,
    add the account to your stock, etc.

    VM Manager and Ready-To-Bot VM Image
    Our VM manager makes it easy to clone, start, stop,
    delete and monitor your VMs created using the
    included ready-to-bot VMware VM image.
    The VM image supports all regions with the exception
    of VN, KR and CN regions.

    Extremely Low System Resource Consumption
    The overall system resource consumption can be
    significantly reduced by activating potato mode and
    using the included FPS limiter.
  • Bot Panel
    The bot panel is only available to pro members!

    Account Management
    Manage all your accounts securely via our online
    bot panel. Keep track of the leveling process, export
    finished accounts and get detailed account information,
    such as blue essence, orange essence, champions,
    skin shards and games played, etc.

    Global and Account Configurations
    Update the global and per account configurations to your liking. This involves everything from the desired account target to which bot features you want enabled.

    Online Managers List
    Monitor all your online managers and execute basic
    actions. System data monitored includes IP address,
    active VMs, CPU, GPU, memory and drives.

    License Management
    Stay up to date with your current active licenses and
    their expiration date. Newly acquired licenses can
    also be activated here.

    Reward System
    For every 60 minutes your bot(s) spends in-game, we
    reward you with 1 BotCoin. You can view your current
    BotCoin balance and exchange them bot licenses.

    The tools are only available to pro members and above!

    Fully hosted server-side account checker
    Check your accounts and get detailed information,
    such as level, blue essence, riot points, champions,
    skins and account status with our customized
    and secure online account checker.

    Community Benefits
    Special community benefits for all pro members!

    Signatures Unlocked
    Set your own signature to appear on all posts and
    comments made in our community.

    Profile Enhancements
    Higher profile photo resolution, the option to upload
    animated gif and a cover photo to your personal profile.

    Change Display Name
    Option to change your display name across our
    community once every 30 days.
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