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  • My review of LeagueBot


    I used to use a bot from another provider and it was much more expensive and harder to setup and had terrible support (the support was more bound to advertising their account platform over helping you setup the bot), and so far I have had no issues with using LeagueBot.

    Compared to other Bots, I believe LeagueBot is probably something you want to continue doing business with, I have made a small list of previous bots I used to use.

    I will refer to bot softwares as Bot Software 1, Bot Software 2, so on and so forth, since I can't be bothered to advertise bots that are horrible compared to LeagueBot.

    All of the bots below can be used 24/7, it's a bot so I don't see why I need to include that in every single software unless it has timed shutdowns (to look more human-like).
    Bot Software 1

    • Yes, It can bot your game
    • Lower Leaver / AFK Rate
    • Only a few things you can configure, you can only change the champ it locks in then automatically randomizes
    • Spams random abilities in a non-human like manner, which is easier for it to be detected.
    • Places a ward in the same spot every game, which is easier for it to be detected.
    • Only chooses one lane (Mid Lane) and basically runs it down and loses like 1-5 out of 20 games.
    • Higher Ban Rate, Cheaper (trade off)
    • Their support team was not helpful when the bot wasn't working properly, including to VIP users who has paid over 50$+
    • Discounts for Bulk Licenses
    • VM Supported + Setup for VM
    • 1 - 30, no more than that or the bot is dead
    • Honors Players

    Bot Software 2

    • Yes, obviously it can also bot your game
    • Lower Leaver / AFK Rate
    • Required scripting which was a lot more advanced previously
    • Harder to install, scripting software usually also required paying for a subscription
    • It had more options to make your bot played the champion properly
    • Depending on how you did it, it had a lower ban rate and also undetectable which looked like a clean hand leveled account
    • Usually cheaper, and you can do what you want with it, but it was all home-setup and you had to manually do everything yourself
    • Garena Supported

    Bot Software 3

    • Self explanatory it's a bot
    • Lower Leaver / AFK Rate
    • It had a lot of configuration, You could also make bots premade with each other and play bot games together.
    • 1 - ??? whatever level you want
    • It was free to use, but higher ban rate than Meta stocks.
    • Honors Players

    Bot Software 4

    • It was a horrible bot, but it was widely used in the past.
    • Every game it just picks a random champion with range, mostly Ashe, wards gromp and hits the gromp permanently for the whole time
    • Loses 1-5 out of 20 games
    • Higher Leaver / AFK Rate
    • Easier to setup, but was not efficient.
    • 1 - ??? whatever level you want
    • High Ban Rate
    • Garena Supported

    League Bot

    • Yes, it's LeagueBot itself
    • Low Leaver / AFK Rate
    • Individual Account Configurations
    • Global Bot Configurations such as opening loot, random lane, completing tutorials, using custom runes, changing game modes
    • VM Supported + Setup for VM
    • Account Creator built in, includes free creation for a limited amount until you have to pay for more captcha.
    • 1 - ??? whatever level you want
    • Comes with a Free Version to test it's features
    • Offers Cloud Server Botting (they host the bot for you!)
    • Bulk Discount on Licenses
    • Honors Players
    • Webhook & Telegram support
    • Garena Support

    LeagueBot good, other bots basically not worth it even for small businesses - large scaled businesses / hobbyist individual who just want multiple accounts.


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