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  • Review of leagueBot after 1 year


    Basically, I was tired of having to buy accounts when I wanted to smurf. So I decided to set up my accounts myself.
    I heard about account leveling bots, so I gave it a try.
    I tested several paid bots (whose names I won't mention) before coming across league bot net.

    This is by far the best bot. And from very far away.

    First of all, it's here that the community is the largest, it's quite practical if you need help.
    Second, this bot is where my accounts get the best kdas, and accounts get to level 30 the fastest. The ability to create accounts automatically from the bot saves valuable time, for real.
    The VM offered with the bot works perfectly, and is really well optimized, for mass leveling accounts
    In conclusion, you are here with the best bot on the market today, whether you just want to build your accounts or sell them. I RECOMMEND

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