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  • Reviews from the old platform (Discord)


    Maxence (2022-04-05)
    "awesome bot, don't eat much resources, you can run a lot of bot on a mid range server"

    Dogg (2022-03-16)
    "the product is great for the price! everything works as advertised and although i had many complications getting it set up the features on it definently makes up for it. The vm uses little to no resources and is well set up and ready for you to use it too. great product! the initial setup could definently use some work though for sure."

    Rooski (2022-03-07)
    "I can’t lie, I like the bot. Works as advertised. Haven’t used the account creator or anything else other than the leveling portion. I can vouch that this bot got me from 0-30 in under 3 days. I like that the VM literally uses 18MB and doesn’t put stress on the computer I use every day. I like the fact I don’t have to worry about waking up and seeing the bot not on due to a problem where as I have seen that a lot with other bots. If the accounts aren’t getting banned then this bot is worth it. I was a user a couple years ago and there has been a lot of positive changes and I look forward to using this more."

    ThePavic (2022-03-03)
    "As fresh user of bot, I am very happy how bot works. AI is really amazing and support is good and developers fixing issues on a moment noted. As any program that has to be scripted on a daily bases and improved, it is open to flaws, especially when it need to catch up with changes from RIOT company. I like the team that works on it and I plan to stay with them, I also recommend it to everyone, also, there is free version that is very amazing so you can try it out!"

    Gabe (2022-02-25)
    "I'd say the best aspect of this project would be the support guides and Discord interaction. The bot runs well and does everything you would expect, but it's really the excellent support guides + discord that sets this apart. They also straight up give you a working VM for you to get started instantly for what I consider is a low price. Good stuff"

    Maunzi (2022-02-07)
    "Works like a Charm once is Set up it will buy it again when my sub is ending"

    mmmmmmmmmmmm (2022-01-16)
    "10/10, trying it out for the first time and its very easy to set up if you follow the instructions and literally does as it says, will defo buy again in the future, the support is fantastic as well"

    Hyperi0n (2022-01-16)
    "10/10, takes up less computing resources, the automation is great, and I appreciate the ability to remotely link to the web panel, and very nice and fast support"

    Mr Facysus (2022-01-12)
    "Manages to outfarm every single player on my team while clapping enemy cheeks. This is insane because every other game is 25+ kill game. 3$/month is worth every penny"

    AiKo be (2022-01-06)
    "++ Got licenses for a few months already and I will keep buying ^^ Went from 1 bot to 1 to 5 and now second month I am running 10 bots ALL ON MY Laptop it need so low resources it's GREAT! Reccomend everyone to buy if you're doubting."

    The machine (2021-12-25)
    "have tested for several weeks now, its amazing. It works like a charm and also running multiple sessions is pretty simple. I like how there is a file for finished accounts too cause it never gets messy 10/10 WILL buy again"

    Tiller (2021-11-20)
    "So far so good. I would definitely recommend this bot to get some accounts lvled up to use to smurf. Setup is pretty easy (if you follow the guide) and the support team is very helpful if you are having troubles. 100% would recommend."

    fkose3 (2021-11-11)
    "it is a stable working application, it can be a bit silly sometimes, but it does what it needs to do. Thanks"

    !.Whispeurs (2021-11-01)
    "This is the best botting service for League of Legends that i have ever seen. Amazing support with a dev that listen to the community. I have been running the bot without any interruption and its been freaking smooth with an easy setup. Also it comes with a nice web panel, literally everything you need !"

    gencemane (2021-10-29)
    "Best service i've ever seen."

    Barathon (2021-10-22)
    "Amazing service and top support team! All are very friendly and the bot works smoothly without problems (after some setup difficulties, thanks again to BackTo !), will definitely going to get more licenses"

    Asger (2021-10-22)
    "Good and amazing Support team and TDC is very friendly and a really good developer always listening to the needs of his customers. Bot is amazing, easy to setup and works like a charm. 100% vouch EDIT: This review was made before being promoted to support"

    ŦΛΞ† (2021-10-21)
    "BackTo tryed to help me with my 3th world country english we figure out we both are german insane help hope the bugs will be fixed soon TDC kepp the work up with that insane support team"

    leavemealone (2021-09-26)
    "TDC and support team is best, easy setup bot, highly recommend!"

    iJordan (2021-09-22)
    "This bot is high quality with lots of features, It's cheap and worth the money. Highly recommend!"

    Doigby grosse bite (2021-09-17)
    "Insane bot, highly recommend"

    PpekKOX (2021-09-17)
    "Using since few months and I can only recommed for everyone. Easy to setup, with the new webpanel very transparent, you can easily track your accounts. The Support is just amazing. Just 10/10"

    Kanadris (2021-09-16)
    "Very good bot, highly recommended. Usage is fast and simple. In addition the support is fast so even if you run in some kind of trouble you will be helped quick! I had 3 Support contacts so far, 2 for problem solving, 1 for a simple question. I never had to wait more than half an hour for a response and the problems I had were solved in less than 10 minutes. Will use in the future!"

    Leiam minha bio (2021-09-16)
    "The bot is very good. Highly recommend!"

    memzrs (2021-09-16)
    "easiest set-up I've seen, bought today and do not regret this purchase."

    pateutz (2021-09-04)
    "I'm using for 1 month already and I'm in love with this, and also people here are so kind and nice. I'll recommend this for sure"

    Metylomorfina (2021-09-02)
    "Been using the bot for nearly a month now, I'm very surprised how well maintained it is. Great communication with dev, bot is very well optimized for VMs, can't say enough about qol changes like web panel and now anti-captcha built into the bot. Very happy with my experience so far. Definitely recommend the bot for anyone still wondering."

    Aste (2021-08-31)
    "the best bot I've ever used, super helpful support team!!! rep+++++++"

    applejuice (2021-08-31)
    "Great bot, works very well and well packaged together for a seamless botting experience and 10/10 support if anything happens otherwise, definitely can't go wrong!"

    facundoj (2021-08-29)
    "I bought one license to try, it was so good I bought 5 more licenses. After selling all the accounts I have I plan on buying more. 100% recommended"

    Malaise (2021-08-27)
    "I am using the bot for about 2 hours now, so I will edit this vouch as soon, as I level some accounts to lvl 30, but I wanted to vouch for TDC service. He helped me a lot in setting everything up. I guess that you can be a total newbie in botting or even setting up servers and dedicated machines and he will be able to help you. He offered me instant help and I didn't wait for his reply more than a hour. If you are wondering if it's the right bot to buy - basing on my experience with TDC's help - it is. Other than that, everything works fine atm and bot is leveling accounts, 0 problems so far. I guess it's the most advanced bot around."

    Pedals (2021-08-24)
    "Started to bot in LOL for unranked accounts few weeks back, before LBN tried another bot, which was bit higher price and it was shit, then i found LBN tried the free version which gives you access to it until your account reaches 10lvl and what can I say even tho I was free version user for few days the community support of this bot are top notch. You got a problem every1 tries to help you solve it. Do I recommend this bot? Absolutely 100%"

    ernakai (2021-08-23)
    "literally the best bot in the industury, and the support team is so fucking amazing. ily all"

    Cat_ (2021-08-23)
    "I have to say this is the best lvling bot I’ve ever use , not only supporting vm but also supporting Garena region and their fast support , price is cheap and the community is friendly ."

    Dominusando (2021-08-23)
    "best bot i ve ever used"

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