Questions and Answers (Q&A)

  • How many sessions do I need?
       You need 1 session per active bot/running account.
       If you want to run 5 bots/VMs, you need 5 sessions etc.
  • Are sessions locked to my hardware?
       Yes, when you run the bot, the HWID of your computer/VM
       is tied to first available session as long as the bot is active.
       Sessions are automatically reset after 2 hours of inactivity,
       which means you can then move to a new computer/VM.

Order and Payment Processing

Orders are processed through our reseller and merchant of record,, who also handle order-related inquiries and returns.
The payment will appear as "NIMDASOFT" on your account statement!

Feature Comparison

Free Pro
Fully Automated
Advanced In-Game AI
Riot and Garena Regions*
Completes Missions
Completes Tutorials
Disenchants Loot
Private and Bot-Only Queue
Preferred Champion Option
Autobuy Champions Option
Random Lane Option
Build-In Account Creator
Web Panel Access**
VM Manager Included**
Ready-To-Bot VM Image**

* All regions supported with the exception of JP and KR.
** Web Panel and VM Manager/Image requires Discord account.